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An extensible scripting language primarily integrated in the First Person Shooter game Deadline. It is compatible with roblox-ts enabling Roblox game integration, featuring a simple prefix syntax, exception-free parsing and execution, budgeting for expensive computations, and more.

Targets... Roblox gamesNodeJSBrowser
Features...extensiblityclear error messagesfirst-class functionsdynamically typedpartial parse-time type-checkingimmutable operationsdeep value equalityclosuresimplicit closuresdestructuringdata pipingcall/recur/loop budgetingpattern matchingexplicit recureval functionbuilt-in testsmultiline NodeJS REPLfunction mockingtest coverage reportingMIT License
Projects... Rosetta Code entries vscode highlighter reactive DOM library FaaS platform npm package roblox-ts npm package
Not included...homoiconicity*macros*lazinessasynchronicityperformance focus

* Therefore, it is not a Lisp.

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